For maintaining the overall hygiene in your home professional carpet cleaning is essential. Carpets hold many microorganisms, such as dust mites.

Did you know that at least 12 million British citizens now suffer from allergies caused by dust mites? (NHS, 2011) “Allergy UK” recommends using a high-temperature steam cleaner to kill mites effectively. Why steam cleaning method is so preferable:

  • Environmentally friendly – require only water and heat;
  • Leaves no residue on surfaces;
  • Effective in removing odours and killing bacteria and dust mites;
  • Reduces the risk of allergies.


Steam Carpet Cleaning

Of all the carpet cleaning methods available, the one which is most used and recommended by manufacturers is hot water extraction. It is also known as steam cleaning. However, our professional opinion is that each method whether dry or steam has advantages and disadvantages. Each technique can provide good results on its own if operated as designed.

Typical home carpets need professional steam cleaning every 6-12 months. It depends on the traffic and stain risks (children, pets). Allergy sufferers should consider more frequent carpet sanitizing. Steam cleaning removes the built-in dirt and grease and majority of stains and spills. We use powerful machinery, which extracts dirt deep from inner layers of the carpet.

Before Booking Steam Cleaning You Need To Know:

  • Preferably furniture needs to be moved from the room/area.
  • Stains and spots are treated before steaming. It would help to efficiently remove them, if you remember what was spilled and if/how did you treat it.
  • Carpets usually dry in a few hours, meanwhile, you can walk on them with the disposable shoe covers we provide.
  • Many customers express concerns about streaks left after the cleaning. Those are an optic illusion due to fibers going in different directions during the procedure (just like in lawn mowing). After the carpet dries up, you can “comb” it with your hand.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet is made from natural or delicate fabric carpet dry cleaning is the safe way to clean it. It is as effective, as steam cleaning, but it is tailored to protect the fibers from shrinkage, tear or color fade. Over time we have tested different techniques and have chosen the most gentle to the fabric but greatly effective to dirt removal.

We use special dry cleaning powder which is rubbed into the textile and then get heated to sufficient temperature. The powder solve, attract and absorb any dirt and leave your carpet rejuvenated, fresh and bright. It dries immediately and allows you to walk on it right away.

Our professional carpet dry cleaning is performed with modern equipment and products with high quality. The detergents we apply are suitable for asthma sufferers and children and keep the environment clean and healthy.

The dry cleaning technique offers several benefits:

  • Low moisture
  • No drying time
  • No residue, mold, and detergent
  • Permanent stain removal
  • Long lasting results
  • Health benefits

As a professional carpet cleaning company with years of experience in this field, we are not limited to one of these methods. Our technicians will be happy to advise you whether your carpet is compatible with steam or dry cleaning procedures.

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