Driving a dirty car makes far from a good impression. Even if you don`t really care about what people would think of you and see you as a neglecting car-owner, you should keep your car in a decent condition for a few good reasons. Check out what you should not miss to do this Autumn and enjoy your rides – having a shiny car always feel good!


how to clean your car

Great reasons to keep your car clean!

A clean car looks better – even if you are not driving the latest model, clean car is always pleasant to look at. Make sure you feel comfortable while driving and take care of the outside as well as of the interior of your vehicle. Did you know that a clean car can help you save gas? When it has no dirt and grimes it will have less wind resistance therefore better fuel efficiency!

Another good reason why you should keep your car clean is that it is safer. Same as the house cleaning service, it`s not a rocket science – when you have decreased visibility it results in a drastically increased chances of accidents. Keep your mirrors, lights, windshields and windows clean – you will be able to see the road better. Don`t forget that you are not the only one on the road so think of your passengers` safety as well as the other people around you.

You will save a lot of hassle and repairs if you keep your car clean. Your car paint will weaken and start peeling off if you allow pollutants to stay on the surface. Letting dirt, snow, rain water and dead insects accumulate on the paint will eventually ruin it. As a result you should expect corrosion and rust and when your vehicle suffers from the outside, the internal elements are most likely to follow. This means that if you don`t spend time and little amount of money of a regular maintenance, you should not be surprised that when a major damage happens you will spend a fortune on repairs. When you keep the interior filthy it will wear out quickly or in other words you will be faced with some more expenses.

Keep the environment clean!

Clean your car for a healthier environment – just like regular domestic cleaning is essential in order to promote safe and healthy living premises, the good maintenance of your vehicle will do the same. When you neglect to keep your car spick and span, there are higher chances of mould, germs and pests occurrence. This sounds more than disgusting, doesn`t it? Especially if you have little children or allergy sufferers in your family, you don`t want to turn the ride into a hazardous germy trip – in the Autumn, a lot of accidents like spilled tanning oil, ice cream or transferring body fluids on the surface do happen. As a result they attract dirt – make sure your interior is clean so you don`t have any health concerns.

In this line of thought, we will share a recipe for an efficient rug cleaning as keeping your rugs fresh and functional is vital. With the same 2-ingredient mixture you can freshen up your carpet at home – mix a cup of baking soda and 10 drops of an essential oil of your preference. For a Autumn mood, we recommend using a vanilla scent. Let the compound sit for about half an hour and vacuum the excess off. In terms of keeping your upholstery clean, you are advised to steam clean them from time to time – in the Autumn a lot of debris are accumulated and even if your car seats seem fresh they probably have hundreds of germs accumulating in them. You don’t skip to book a professional upholstery cleaning at home so why neglect your car? Your car seats are definitely germier than your sofa at home!

Car detailing is important – there is a common misconception that it is an unnecessary cost. However, they are wrong as auto-detailing actually is an efficient way to keep your car look and smell better. This procedure often includes waxing. When you perform waxing, you ensure that the paint is protected. A better protection simply means that debris such as gravel or unexpected weather changes such as hail stones will not be an issue to worry about when you have applied wax. Detailing your car from time to time guarantees that your vehicle will serve you for longer!

Car value more when clean

Last but not least, a clean vehicle retains its value better – if you want to sell your car, your safest bet is to keep it clean. You will get a good resale value when the paint is in a decent condition and no corrosion or rust are present. Its next owner will look for a car that has been well-maintained as this usually is a sign for a car that is not likely to have a major flaw. Make sure you keep your vehicle in a way that can ensure you a better price when you want to put it on the market.

These reasons are convincing enough to clean your car regularly, especially in the Autumn. Don`t neglect its maintenance and your vehicle will pay off!

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