Dust is something you can’t remove forever. It’s constantly accumulated in every home and regular dusting is indispensable. Actually through regular dust cleaning you will eliminate dust mites, allergens and pathogens either. Thus, your home will be more hygienic and a safer place to inhabit. In this article we have gathered some crucial facts about this enemy – dust. Check them out and see why dusting is so important domestic task:

     * For asthma sufferers dust is a real nightmare – it troubles their breathing and worsens lung dysfunction. If you have kids with asthma problems, you should be very careful when it comes to annoying dust. Regular removing of dust is essential in this case. 

     * Don’t underestimate the dust issue – keep in mind that, even if you have some rooms that are not inhabited, you should enter there and clean dust every once in a while. Don’t let your children with respiratory problems play there, because it may be dangerous for their health.

     * Don’t forget to include dusting in your domestic cleaning routine. The accumulated dust and filth can cause hazardous allergies to your entire family. So, be very careful and diligent while performing your sanitizing tasks. Eliminating dust with appropriate soft cloth and cleanser is required twice a week. If you’re too busy, try dusting once a week without exceptions!

     * What is house-dust mite? It is a very small eight-legged bug, that can’t be seen with naked eyes. Dust mites adore humid and warm places, such as your bed, carpets and upholstered furniture. Their food are dead skin scales of people. You don’t want these nasty dust mites to reign in your home area, right? Then dusting on regular basis is mandatory. There are even detergents that are sprayed on different surfaces and after wiping, less dust is gathered.

     * For all of you busy people, experts recommend to entrust home disinfecting to the local reliable cleaners. They will send you professional maid who is aware how to sanitize and to remove dust efficiently. Don’t hesitate to check the results after the cleaning session and to make your judgement!